Greetings Tribe.

Welcome to Shamanic Drone, a sound journey harnessing the vibrations of the ancient Didjeridu, native flutes, vocal overtones, and singing bowls. Using the power of sound frequencies and gentle breath work we will bridge the realms of the subconscious, heart and higher self, where the inner journey of self healing and manifestations can occur. 

During the journey lay down; immerse yourself in these organic sounds and vibrations. Feel the resonance of the Didjeridu, deep within your Heart Space, as it passes over your physical body. And still the mind’s voice with the soothing winds of native flutes.

All things are vibration. In the realm of sound therapy it has long been recognised in many cultures to influence consciousness, and achieve altered states of meditation and relaxation. With sound therapy we channel the omnipotent ability to energise the chakras, change brainwave frequencies, connect within to higher states of awareness and open up to self-healing and the higher self.

See you there. Peace and Love. ☮ ♥


Doors open from 6:30 pm for a 6:45 pm start. Paperless check-in using ID or phone e-ticket.

(Note: Arriving after the journey begins may disturb the flow. If you are running late please contact via message).

Exchange: - $30 +bf
At the door (if space available): $40

Pre-bookings online through Eventbrite.

WHAT TO WEAR or BRING: Wear comfortable clothes, suitable for meditation. The space has blankets and heating. Ideally bring an light blanket to ensure you are comfortable, particularly if the evening is cold. You can bring your own yoga mat, but there are a few spare at the space if needed.