Back Bending

Workshop with David Patriki (2 Hr)

Saturday May 11,
12:30pm - 2:30pm

Early bird price $30 ending May 1,

Backbending can often be seen as the pinnacle of a yoga practice, in terms of the physical demands of the body, but also the emotional boundaries that are encountered. 

During this 2 hour class, we’ll go through some foundational knowledge of backbends, when to practice them, how to practice them, and, perhaps most importantly, why to practice them. 

This practice will be delivered in the hatha style, taking time to enter poses safely, and allowing sufficient time for rest and rebound in between.

Although simple backbends can be practised by anyone & everyone, more advanced backbends require a base level of physical and mental fitness. All levels are welcome in this practice, but those with a regular practice will benefit the most from this practice