Yin Yoga & MYO Fascial Release

Workshop with Ria Varsami (2 Hr)

Saturday May 4,
12:30pm - 2:30pm

Early bird price $30 ending April 14,

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a soft tissue therapy designed to loosen the fascia and connective tissue surrounding and supporting the muscles of the body. Over time, this tissue becomes restricted causing pain and limiting movement. By releasing this buildup we can improve the suppleness and function of our muscles.

Yin yoga was developed to penetrate deep into these tissues by relaxing into muscles, bones and joints for increasing flexibility and aiding healing. In this workshop you will experience how these practices complement and work together for a full body rejuvenation, rebalancing and stress release.

In the first hour you will learn MFR techniques to shift stubborn tightness in the fascia (the connective tissue ) and muscles, helping to release habitual muscular patterns and chronic pain and enhancing everyday mobility. Similar to the hands of a skilled therapist, You will learn how to use a MFR ball for self treatment, finding and treating restrictions within our fascial system, easing blocked energies, built up pain responses and chronic tension. In the second hour, you will relax into Yin yoga for a slow and mindful practice designed to wipe your stress away physically and mentally and bring you to an altered state of being.

Yin yoga is a beautiful adjunct to a busy life or indeed a more yang style yoga practice. In Yin yoga we concentrate on sensation in the present moment. It is literally the anti-thesis of multi-tasking, and at the same time it is a powerful physical practice, working on deep connective tissue to relieve the body of stagnant energies.